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T-shirts in San Antonio

Getting t-shirts printed is the easy part, and our production facility can handle up to 12 color print jobs and at the right pace to meet your turnaround.

The most popular question we get is, “How much do they cost?”. T-shirts are typically sold incrementally in 12, 24, 48, 72, 144 and over 250 pcs. Higher quantities will result in a lower cost so you can easily see where pricing and volume play out when budgeting for t-shirts. Our design crew is skilled in creating original t-shirt designs to draw eyes to your message or brand.

High Impression for a little cost

T-shirts command attention, on a busy day the average t-shirt can get over 100 views, in traffic and in high profile areas, that goes even higher to 300+ impressions per wear. Wear it more than a dozen times, and the number estimates go even higher. The point being is that t-shirts are a fun and creative way to earn marketing impressions for your brand, and t-shirts carry with them a testimonial effect that smart marketers can’t ignore. Take an average of 100 views on 12 instances, and you have over 1200 impressions for the cost of a $7 to $10 t-shirt. Not bad at all.

More about quality color and sizes

Chile Media doesn’t mess around with 4oz and thin shirts, all of our shirts are printed at least with 6oz. to 8oz. 50/50 poly-cotton blends. You don’t want anything else unless requesting a 100% cotton.

We buy only from the most popular brands like Anvil, Hanes, and Gildan. Getting good quality material is important, especially when you are using them to advertise your brand.

Brands we offer:

  • Gildan 100% cotton
  • Gildan 50/50 blend
  • Industry
  • Port Authority
  • OGIO
  • NIKE

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