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Business Cards Printing Services

Nothing else says, “You” like your business card. Your business card represents you and your business. Here at Chile Media, our San Antonio business cards are premium cards! We believe that sturdy card stock, vibrant colors, and quality output are the essentials to a sound business card. If looking your best is essential, you should consider Chile Media. Come in and visit our facility to view our samples and see for yourself why businesses in the local area use Chile Media.

A different material
to match your



Cotton Business Cards

Cotton business cards are printed on 45pt white card stock. They offer a vintage look with a modern twist. Optional add-ons include debossing or embossing, foil, spot uv, and custom die-cuts, as well as rounded corners and foiled or colored edges. The sky is the limit with Chile Media’s cotton business cards.

Matte Business Cards

UV Gloss or Matte Business Cards

UV Gloss and Matte business cards are available in 14pt and 16pt. Optional add-ons include rounded corners or oval shape.

UV Gloss cards have a high gloss on both sides of the card. We also offers a UV Front card with a Matte back for customers who like to write on their cards.
Matte cards do not have a finish but are also available with a Spot UV, rounded corners or in an oval shape. These cards are a Chile Media favorite because they are produced with a 3-4 business day turnaround and are available at an unbeatable price.

Plastic Business Cards

Plastic Business Cards

 Chile Media offers plastic business cards on 20pt in either a white, clear or frosted finish. Plastic cards are unique because they are durable and have a variety of uses. Chile Media also has a luxury plastic business card on 12mil and 30mil, available with optional added features, such as spot uv, variable data, scratch-off bar with a PIN, signature panels, foil, and barcoding.

Soft Touch Business Cards

Suede or Soft Touch Business Cards

Suede or Soft Touch business cards use a soft velvet lamination that is luxurious to the touch. Chile Media offers suede business cards in 16pt, 22pt, 32pt, and 48pt. Optional add-ons for suede business cards are rounded corners, foiled or colored edges, spot uv, raised spot uv, foil, spot uv, and raised spot uv, custom die-cuts, perforations, variable data or embossing and de-bossing.

Silk Business Cards

Silk Business Cards

Silk Business cards are one of our most popular business cards. This type of card offers a luxurious silk laminated finish, which is tear-resistant and smooth to the touch. Customers like to add Spot UV on to this business card which provides a high gloss finish on to an area of the business card that they wish to highlight, such as a logo or photo. We are also able to add a raised spot uv or foil on to this type of card. Chile Media offers silk laminated business cards on 16pt, 32pt and 48pt, with optional features such as die-cuts, embossing and de-bossing, perforation, variable data, rounded corners, and foiled or colored edges.

Wood Business Cards

Wood Business Cards

Chile Media’s San Antonio business cards should not be available in paper only. We offer wooden business cards for the business that wants a different approach to the usual paper business card. Call Chile Media for your custom quote.

Die-Cut Business Cards

Die-Cut Business Cards

Chile Media strives to be your go-to for all your business card printing. We know some customers want to stand out and be above the rest, which is why we print custom die-cut business cards in any shape. If you are looking for an apple to a bike shape or a coffee cup or salt shaker shape, San Antonio’s Chile Media is the printer for you. Contact Chile Media for your custom die-cut business card quote!



Our raised ink business cards are printed with a raised spot color on one or two sides. Cards are printed on a wide range of paper stocks.

We offer TEN ink colors to choose from: Black, Red, Reflex Blue, Burgundy, Green, Brown, Gray, Process Blue, 873 Gold and 877 Silver.



Ivory paper is of superior quality and lasts for a long period without additional coating. It gives a classy look for companies opting
for style and convention.  Matt 100lb card stock has an off-white lightly textured feel. Full color on both sides at no extra charge.


Folded Business Cards are great when you need some extra room for additional information. They are great for appointment cards or a mini brochure with photos of your products.


Our magnetic uv glossy 16pt cards are printed with the highest quality and vibrant colors. They offer durability, extended exposure, and efficiency along with huge savings.



Oval cards will get attention since they are different from anyone else.  You can get them in a glossy or matte finish.


10pt Linen, Sand, Embossed or Crosshatch Business Cards
Linen is a semi-rough paper that emulates the look of linen cloth with slightly lifted grooves to give a textured feel. 4 Paper Styles available: linen, sand, embossed and crosshatch

Mockups Design


Inline foil printing is a brand new innovative way of printing business cards

Ready to order business cards?

Contact us or call us today at 210-616-0163 for a custom quote or send us your information and someone from our Chile Media team will contact you.

Some business cards that we have done

Optional round corners or colored edges

Optional round corners or colored edges

Add on Foil, Die-Cuts, Spot UV or Raised Spot UV

Add on Foil, Die-Cuts, Spot UV or Raised Spot UV

Embossing and Debossing available

Embossing and Debossing available

Sizes available

Traditional 3.5" x 2"

Traditional 3.5″ x 2″

Slim Cut 3.5" x 1.5"

Slim Cut 3.5″ x 1.5″

Square 2.5" x 2.5"

Square 2.5″ x 2.5″

Durable Cardstock









Hello everybody! If you’re watching this video it’s because you are curious about the different types of business cards that are out there. And, at the end of the day when it comes to getting a business card you’re going to find that there are hundreds of different paper types and samples out there, but I wanted to showcase just a couple of them today.

This one is the 32 point, die-cut, foil stamp. You can see how the foil is really nice and shiny on the back and it’s got some really cool grooves inside there. That is an embossing effect, along with the fact that this card is a gold edge. You can see right there it’s got the golden painted edge on it. This is what we call a 32 point card. Probably one of our nicer cards out there. We call them our luxury cards or Maserati cards, so if you’re looking to make a big impression and wow somebody this is probably the card for you.

Going from the nicest down to the most regular card we have next is the regular silk lamination and spot UV. And silk lamination is basically a polypropylene plastic layer that goes on top of the card. You can tell that you’re also able to do the cool spot UV where some graphic shines and stands out, makes your card pop. These are printed on a 16 point card-stock, half the thickness of the 32 point, and they’re really nice. And, another cool feature of these cards is that they are water-resistant and tear-resistant, so that’s kinda important to take into consideration if you’re thinking about buying a card.

While this is not a Maserati card, this is what we would call our BMW or Mercedes line card, which will lead us over here to the next card that we have, and this is actually a 16 point matte coated card. Very decent, very economical. You can get 500 of these cards for about $45. It’s printed on double-sided. It also is a 16 point card-stock, and the cool thing about these cards is that you can interchange this matte effect with UV, so, same price for matte or UV. So, this is what I would call the Honda of our business cards.

And there you have it! Those are the top three business cards that most people order from Chile Media. There’s a bunch of other different cards that we’ll be showing you later on, but this is the icebreaker for business cards 101 at Chile Media. Thank you.

What is the mimimum amount of business cards I can get?

Generally the minimum is 250. We do have an in house printer that can print lesser quantities, but it is not able to do any special effects, like foil for example.

Can I get same day business cards?

There is a rush fee, but yes, we can print your business cards within 24 business hours.

Have a last-minute business meeting? Need business cards today?

Chile Media offers same day business card printing in San Antonio. Print-ready files received by our Chile Media team before 2:30 pm on a business day will be ready for pick up by 5:30 pm. Do you have print-ready files and are ready to order same day business cards? Please click on “File Upload” on the top of our website, and someone from our Chile Media team will be in contact with you.

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