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Custom Printed Calendars

Custom printed calendars are a great way to keep your brand front of mind with customers all year long.

A calendar is also one of the most traditional yet creative promotional gifts out there, and they can be customized to any branding needs that you may have.


Company Calendars

Customized printed calendars are not difficult to find these days, but they’re usually too generic or don’t offer any customization options. When you use Chile Media for your printing and design needs, we will make sure that the colors and font types always fit the personality of your business. We also offer a range of extras in our calendars like corporate logos, holidays, special events and pictures of loved ones! If you have any specific requests in terms of print quality or heavy-duty paper stock just let us know before we get started on your prints so we can give you the best product possible without having to charge extra prices for those.

Personal Calendars

Our custom printed calendars also make excellent gifts for clients, family members and friends. Our designers work hard crafting the perfect calendar design to fit your needs and budget. Chile Media knows how important it is to remember the good times from each month. That’s why we want to be there every year with a custom calendar with your family photos, favorite quotes, and even monthly events. What better way to document all of your memorable moments than in one easy-to-access space? Remembering those special days can become a regular habit. We’ll also make sure not to miss any holiday celebrations by including them on our calendar for you too!
Every photo that you include will have some text below it, so you can create reminders like “celebrate mommy’s day” or “go see Uncle Boris.” Custom calendars are the perfect gift, either for yourself or someone else.


The best way to be prepared for the coming year is with a customized printed calendar.

Give your customers some little something to show their appreciation, or track their own tasks during the busy work season.

Get started today!

Can I get my calendar printer on a magnet?

That is a great idea.  Yes, we can create a calendar that shows you the entire year, with your branding and any information you would like to share onto a magnet.

What information do you need?
  1. Your logo and colors of your brand
  2. Text that you need displayed
  3. Pictures or graphics that you would like to incorporate onto the custom printed calendar

Ready to order a custom printed calendar?

Contact us or call us today at 210-616-0163 for a custom quote or send us your information and someone from our Chile Media team will contact you.

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