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Requested items & Company profile

Century Lodging came to us to help them with branding, brand development, way finding signage, outdoor signage, billboard, signage, and a website for their men camp.

Their sole purpose is to provide mobile type of housing for men working in the oil fields. They work during the daytime and at night they go to the man camps to eat, relax and sleep.


Logo & Brand Inspiration

Century came to us to do the brand development for them and to come up with a neat way to communicate and express that this isn’t just a man camp but an upgraded man camp with good food, warm showers, beer and a fire pit.

We were tasked to create a brand that was warm, that catered to well companies looking to find temporary housing for their workforce.

For the logo we thought about the century plant. It’s a younger type of plant native to the area where they were building the man camp in Orla, Texas. We decided to make the branding off of that so that way they would tie in their local environment with a local landscape to the brand. We went with earth tone colors to mimic the century plant, which are greens and browns.



Brand Development Signage