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Chile Media Services

Spice up your marketing with Chile Media Services!

Whatever you need, we will help you. We are a one stop-shop for all of your company’s needs and wants.

You can get high quality in-house quick turnaround prints, vehicle wraps, professional photography from our team of talented creatives on top of the usual graphic design solutions like logo development and website design.

Plus our printed promotional items supply super hot giveaways that make everyone love to come back again and again to find goodies waiting for them as they enter the door!

So whether you want big or small reach we got you covered in everything media related – if it has anything to do with advertising then Chile Media has what it takes to deliver stellar results time after time!

If you would like to talk to us about your project, give us a call!


Check out the Chile Media services that are offered

Graphic Design

Whether you need to spruce up a logo for your local coffee shop, create a banner ad for a social media campaign, or design an entire look and feel of all the marketing collateral for your new company – look no further than our talented graphic designers.

They will take their experience and expertise in print design, social media graphics, color theory basics, typography fundamentals and user interface/ mobile app UI standards to conceptualize creations that are dynamic yet consistent with the brand identity you’re trying to establish.

Logo Design

A logo is an incredible way to reflect the company’s personality, culture, and vision. And with a custom logo from our design community, you’ll get just that—all in one!

With one of our skilled designers as your creative partner on this project, not only will you walk away with a beautiful logo that will really stand out among the competition….but they also might even find some marketing opportunities for your business that others whizzed right past. Isn’t it time to start making waves by choosing  the logo design Chile Media service?

Dye Sublimation

We’re not afraid to admit it: this sublimation process is as hot as the trend of wearing bright colors. Don’t be limited with a one-color shirt if you want 12 vibrant shades, go fully sublimated today!

Just imagine the possibilities of fully customizing a shirt with your child’s favorite color or sports team! Dye sublimation is a great way to produce high-quality, full-color shirts that kids will love.

Website Design

With all the web design companies around these days, you may be wondering: what’s so special about Chile Media Services? Well, we understand that every business has its unique needs and goals. Whether you want to run a big website with thousands of pages or just need an easy-to-use one page website for your side project, Chile Media can build it.

Chile Media has answered the call with our team of web design experts who audaciously offer stand-up web development services for any need you can think of: one-page website, website for your small business, or even if you want a redesign on your current one.


From the first moment that you put yourself out there, everything you do should be considered branded content. Businesses exist for one reason–to serve and fulfill customer needs. Dedication to meeting this need is crucial if your business wants to succeed in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace.

Branding is a major aspect of any business’ success because it plays an important role in making customers feel confident when they choose your company to buy from or work with. Chile Media will help you with the basics of branding, what it means for small businesses like yours, and how you can use it effectively!

Large Format

Show your customers what they’re missing out on with a live, eye-grabbing experience. Our large format printing team will work directly with you to design visual marketing campaigns that are sure to draw in passersby.

Sometimes you find yourself in desperate need of a picture-perfect poster or billboard with a fresh message. For those moments, Chile Media unlocks the secrets to getting large format printing done right, every time.

Digital Print

Digital printing is the way of today’s marketing and many companies are taking advantage of it. It lets you print anything from the digital world onto real paper. You can print business cards, trade show materials, brochures etc.

Tell us about the product: Let your imagination run wild! Our state-of-the-art digital printer can bring your ideas to life with vibrant colors on numerous surfaces such as paper, canvas, fabric and plastic.


You always look at someone who wears a tailored suit and nod in approval. Well, maybe not every time, but when you do – it means that person is running an efficient business with values like quality and integrity. By adding embroidery to your company’s uniforms, you are conveying the same message as wearing a suit.

We all know embroidery is a necessary accessory for any respected businessman or woman. Customized patterns add that extra flair to the back of your work uniforms. One of Chile Media services can add your logo to caps, shirts, polos and can even provide the products.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the new frontier for effective advertising. Unlike traditional advertisements, digital marketing doesn’t just offer basic information to its audience but instead utilizes a direct and interactive approach, leading to possible changes in behavior.

We are specialists at building and executing online strategies that meet goals of brands or organizations through digital messaging and a broad range of tools with the intention of generating both engagement and sales.

Direct Mail & EDDM

When you send out a direct mail campaign, people will pay attention to it for very different reasons than they would if they saw the same ad online. It doesn’t just happen.

You need to create that most delicious flavor of awareness by mailing them something real, tangible, and intriguing– or at the very least fun enough to make them want more even after reading your letter!

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is a process that uses a laser to etch a design onto a surface. It is often used to personalize items like jewelry, awards, and gifts.

Laser engraving is a permanent process that creates a sharp, detailed image.

The laser engraving process is precise and can produce intricate designs. It is an excellent choice for creating custom, one-of-a-kind items.


One of the most important tools that will contribute to your success is photography. It’s not just a way to document, but it can act as creative advertising and marketing for presenting your brand truly.

You’re taking photos of your food cooking, you’re photographing the flowers in your yard. You know, things that people don’t really care about until they do: a good photograph is a work of art. Get back to basics and have more than just pictures with words — have captivating photographs that are worth 1000 words!

Offset Print

Here are a few things that we think about when deciding between offset printing and digital printing:

Cost and time: For high production (high-volume) print jobs that need ultra-quick turnaround, offset printing with its faster processing times is ideal. Digital printing would be better if you need less copies or if this project will not require as much in-house management of stock inventory.

Color info: because one can put more colors on paper with offset printers than digitally printed images.


Are you looking for a great way to market your business? Then pick up some promotional items! With our selection of clothing and drinkware, we have a few ideas about just what your next promotion can be.

Our promos make the perfect giveaway at company events; alternatively, promote your brand with custom made shirts or coffee cups.

Paid Ads

Use paid ads to rank on Google results in your competitive markets without updating a single thing about your website!

Not everyone who’s looking for your product or service can find it online. Unless you have a hefty marketing budget and abundant time on your hands, then there’s no better way to get in front of consumers than with paid advertising.

The paid ads Chile Media service equips savvy entrepreneurs like yourself with ads that are highly targeted on platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads.


Tradeshow Display

Displaying your brand at a trade show is no easy task, which means that you need to get creative. Chile Media specializes in print production and can help give you everything from floor to ceiling custom displays for any event.

We work with you every step of the way and optimize the displays according to your needs so that they fit seamlessly into any booth design and budget.

All it takes is one phone call – because we know how important this display project will be for your company’s growth!


Imagine. A special occasion where a group of creatives work together to make some noise and raise some cocktails in celebration! Whether it be for the movie’s release date, their birthday party, or company-wide picnic – we got you covered with our screenprinting services.

You can customize shirts as well as unique items such as drinking glasses and bags so that event attendees remember your awesome time! Give us a call today.

Web Hosting

A website host is a company that provides the technology and services necessary for a progressive online business. A web hosting service includes space on a server to store your proprietary content, email accounts, and bandwidth to transmit all this data to your customers across the world.

Without our servers providing an address for people interested in your product or services, no one would ever be able to view what you have to offer.


Customized and personal clothing is available for your small business, from sublimation clothing to custom embroidery. We make it easy for you to purchase what you want without any hassle—and with our satisfaction guarantee, we won’t be happy unless you are content too!

Our hundreds of designs will allow us to cover your needs no matter the apparel type or color preference; get in contact today!

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