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Outsmart Your Competition

When it comes to getting leads for your business, you need digital marketing strategies that will set you apart from the competition. These will help create an engaging and memorable experience for prospects who can’t get anywhere else! Of course, a lot goes into making this happen.

Digital marketing is an effective way of doing this, and if you want success in this field, then focus on developing these top 10 digital marketing strategies:


1) Use SEO to your advantage

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which means ensuring that when users are looking for something related to what you are offering, they can find it easier than before.

It is crucial to get ahead of the competition in this area because otherwise, they will take over the results page, meaning fewer customers equals less money.

2) Onsite SEO:

Make sure that your keywords are included throughout your website’s content and add them to your images, titles, and meta descriptions.

Meta descriptions and titles should describe the content or purpose of a specific page. In addition, they should include keywords and phrases that you want users to target when searching for similar content.

Your meta description and titles are shown on the search engine results page and help users understand what the page is about and be more prone to click on the link. Make sure they are relevant and enticing to prospective customers.


3) Get reviews and respond to user comments

Reviews are becoming increasingly important to business owners to stand out from their competition. Not only does a review let prospective customers know if your business is trusted, but it also helps in SEO rankings.

Positive reviews will raise your listing on SERP (search engine result page) and help you rank higher. Of course, it’s best not to have bad reviews, but if there are, respond to them with a solution so that the user knows you are listening and trying to improve. Your review responses will also show other users that your business cares about your customers.

Ask your customers for a review by providing them with a link that goes directly to your Google Business Profile. You can use a tool like Whitespark Google Link Generator to make a customizable link for your business. This link will make it easier for them to leave you a review if you make it easy for them.

4) Be active on social media platforms

Another digital marketing strategy is to create profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or a social media platform that your primary clients use. In addition, you should post new content, pictures of behind-the-scenes activities, and special offers to name a few post ideas.

Consistent social media activity is essential for any business today because the user will acquire more trust from your company, giving users more reason to choose your business.

Another way to help your marketing efforts is by making sure that your Instagram, Facebook, or other social media sites have backlinks to your business website.


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5) Add your own pictures

Don’t just add other people’s photos to your pages, have your own taken either by a professional photographer or using your phone. Choose filters wisely on photos because some can make your images look outdated.

Choosing to use your own product and business photos instead of stock photos keeps you from using the same images your competition may be using. Be unique and show off your products and services.


6) Create blog posts

Add a blog to your website, this way; you can post information about the latest trends or news related to your industry. Your blog will help keep visitors coming back to view new content, which gives you more of a chance to get them interested in what you have to offer. Plus, this is another way of using more of your keywords.


7) Make sure your citations are correct

Citations or business listings are websites that list businesses for the purpose of getting found by users. These citations or listings show your business name, address, phone number of your business on other listing websites. Examples include Yelp, Yellow Pages, Apple Maps, etc.

Your citations should have the correct name, address, phone number, and website to keep everything uniform.

Citations are essential for your local SEO because they show your business contact information and location, allowing people to contact you easily. The more citation sources pointing to your page, the higher up on Google you will come when someone searches for businesses like yours.

8) Create a FAQ page of the most common questions you get from your clients

FAQ pages can be created and edited by yourself if need be and reduces the number of phone calls you get from potential customers asking questions that can be answered on a FAQ page, leaving your phones ringing for active orders.

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9) Keep an eye out for & fix broken links

Broken links are like dead flowers; they make everything look terrible, and no one wants to talk about them (because they’re dead). In addition, broken links lead to 404 errors, which leads to poor SEO since search engines will see your website as less reliable.

10) Add or modify your existing content

You don’t need to start from scratch to create content that people want to read. You can take posts you wrote years ago about something completely different and tweak them to be relevant again.

You should also go through your existing content and find opportunities to add additional keywords. Again, this is a win-win since you’re adding value to your existing content and increasing your chances of getting your new keywords ranked.

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There are many other digital marketing strategies that you can do to make you stand out from your competition and get Google to love you. Implement these SEO techniques and marketing strategies to get the most out of your SEO efforts.

Please get in touch with us if you would like help with these digital marketing strategies. We’d be happy to help execute these strategies for your business.