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Door Hangers

The ultimate tool in direct marketing. Door hangers typically offer a higher rate of return than postcards. While door hangers and postcards are exceptional promotional items, door hangers tend to be more effective because the consumer must pull it from their door as opposed to direct mail, where the consumer is receiving multiple messages at once.

Door Hangers Open Doors

Door hangers are great for quickly attracting people’s attention because of its prominent positioning and outdoor exposure. Most commonly used as do-not-disturb signs, they can also be used for marketing purposes. Door hangers generally offer a higher response rate than traditional postcards. “Why?” you ask. Well, door hangers make physical contact with your clients, making them aware of your business, and with the right design require more interaction as opposed to postcards, which can be ignored or tossed away as junk mail.

You can utilize promotional door hangers as a visual representation of your brand without being intrusive. Be sure to include your logo, contact information, special offers, and services.

The ultimate door hanger should draw positive attention and should interest your target audience in your product or service. Offering free trials or samples with expiration dates on the door hangers will place a sense of urgency and importance. They are used best for showcasing your most popular products or your new business grand opening. The most efficient way to distribute door hangers is through door-to-door marketing and physically placing the door hangers on each door, ensures that your print is successfully delivered and displayed.


Sizes Available






Available Paper Types

14pt Gloss Cover

16pt Gloss Cover



14pt or 16pt


Full-color print on both sides


UV Gloss or Matte


Tear-off perforation available


Full-Color Advertising


Durable Outdoor Material


Arch, Standard or Starburst die-cut options


Promote an Event

Can be used at hotels to request privacy

Make an Announcement

Introduce a new service



Perforation add-ons


Foil and Spot UV options available


Embossing offered


Add-ons may affect turnaround time

Our Silk + Spot UV offers spot UV on both sides. If you wish to have Spot UV on only one side, upload a blank white file to the exact dimensions of your artwork. The white file will tell our production team there is no UV on that particular side.

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