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DYE Sublimation


If you’ve seen a dye sublimation shirt, you are sure to remember it. New to the marketplace, Dye Sublimation shirts are taking the apparel industry by storm. Consumers are becoming aware that there is an alternative to screen-printing and the difference is apples versus oranges.

Dye Sublimation shirts use a unique process to transfer any image onto a shirt with no set up, no minimum quantity and no limitation to colors or for that matter creativity. The same process to create a dye sublimation imprint goes the same for shirts, the rave is the color, the quality and the longevity of t-shirts graphics that screen-printing cannot match. Dye sublimation graphics won’t crack, won’t fade and won’t let you down. Using our transfer method, a customer can simply send over a high resolution graphic which can be imprinted literally within minutes and heat pressed onto a shirt.

Cut and Sew Dye Sublimation for Fashion and Performance Wear

What is cut and sew? Doing a dye sublimation pattern on your favorite textile is the first step in creating a custom cut and sew project. We can take your pattern, then print it onto the transfer paper and then onto any dye sublimation compatible fabric which your talented seamstress can sew into a final piece. This goes for anything, we often forget how some of our clothing is made and this process brings you into a unique space of creative apparel which quality ranks amongst the top tier providers in the world. The big difference is that you can do it for yourself. together. This process is for the textile manufacturer or the creative rouge designer looking to make a statement.

Is there a minimum to dye sublimation shirts?

People looking for dye sublimation also come to the process to achieve graphics that are not possible in traditional methods of producing t-shirts. For example, a photo can never be translated into screen-printing or maybe only via a heat transfer of vinyl which become sticky and true to form will fade and crack leaving the shelf life of the shirt short lived.

What types of files are accepted for Dye Sublimation T-Shirts?

We can accept virtually any file for dye sublimation t-shirts as long as the graphic is of high resolution. Traditional screen printing requires vector, color separated artwork but dye sublimation does not operate on color separation rather the quality of an image. A low-resolution image may not work because when scaled, it wills pixelate. Vector images will work great because they can be scaled without losing clarity.

To produce your dye sublimation t-shirt, we can take a jpeg, eps, tiff, pdf, png and even a gif as long as the resolution is large enough. Typical rule of thumb is the make sure the image full scale covers the surface area of the coverage of a shirt. The typical full coverage shirt measures anywhere between 30×40 inches wide which cover the entire are. Doing creative graphics is subject to file set up and just because you can produce a full coverage graphic for a t-shirt does not mean you have to. Great design can go a long way when producing graphics for dye sublimation shirts and the possibilities are endless. Chile Media can design and produce anything you can imagine for an impactful shirt design.

Why Dye Sublimation T-Shirts versus silk-screen T-Shirts?

The answer is somewhat biased but Dye sublimation shirts are superior to regular screen-printed or silkscreen shirts in the sense that the color is more vibrant, and that the graphic will not fade or crack.

Even though the graphic is full coverage, it breathes. Those of you who have had a shirt with a graphic on it know what we are talking about. The shirt gets stuff, heats up in the sun, makes you sweat in the area beneath the graphic and lastly, it feels a little heavy.

From White to


Using the technology and having a large heat press enables you to unleash the creativity when it comes to producing a high quality shirt. If a customer wants a pink shirt, we simply print the pink onto the shirt and Viola!, a full color dye sublimated shirt is the result.

Full coverage T-Shirts

You might have seen a shirt that was a full color dye sublimation shirt and did not know it. The result eludes to that the shirt was made that way or created the way it looks in a mill and then sewn together right? Maybe not, Chile Media employs technology with a large format heat press to deliver full coverage t-shirts in full color. Having a transfer paper large enough to cover a shirt and a heat press to cure or sublimate the ink are two of the essential items needed to pull off this apparel work of art. The results are mind boggling and leave people wondering…how did they do that.

Types of Dye Sublimation Apparel

If you are looking for variety in your what can be produced with dye sublimation, you will not be disappointed. Our customers often ask for Dye Sublimation Shirts, Dye Sublimation Team Jerseys for basketball, soccer, football, track uniforms and any type of athletic apparel. Athletic uses and custom shirts tend to be the most popular amongst requests. The reality is that you can produce any type of customized shirt, blouse or top using dye sublimation. In short, it is the future of creative expression in apparel and balances itself in the marketplace against screen-printing and up to high fashion.

Dye Sublimation makes a statement and is being used more and more for creative applications and apparel. Check out our dye sublimation gallery of products below and see some of the eye catchy and “how did they do that” items. To learn more about dye sublimated products, please feel free to call our office anytime or fill out one of our form fields. One of our staff members would be happy to talk to you about the new world of dye sublimation.

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