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Custom Floor Mat Printing Services

Make a big impression at your storefront, or restaurant with a custom floor mat

We can help you brand a custom floor mat with your logo, slogan, or any image. Custom printed floor mats are a great way to advertise and at some art to any space. These beauties are dye sublimated and do not fade. They are resilient and are good for use in high traffic areas.

For use in high traffic areas


Full Color


Resilient in high traffic areas


Used to advertise your entry or exit

Keep floors clean and let your branding stand out. We can help you make your logo shine with our dye sublimated custom floor mats. They will last a long time while being able to handle high traffic areas like retail stores or convention centers.

These custom floor mats are a great way to promote your logo, slogan, or any image. We use dye sublimation printing so these glorious floor covers can stand the rigors of an everyday office and still look immaculate.

Its heavy felt makes it impervious to moisture and just enough padding for comfort. Our mats are even durgan backed with black edgings– a way to add that extra flare to any room. Sturdy die cuts will never wave like cotton options do, making our size 36″ x 60″‘s truly irresistible!





Brick & Mortar Store




In-Store Promotions


Coverage of Floor Patches

Available Custom Floor Mat Sizes


18″ x 24″

floor-mat-size-26" x 36"

26″ x 36″

floor-mat-size-36" x 60"

36″ x 60″

Are the floor mats slip resistant?

Yes, our mats are slip resistant.

Ready to order a floor mat?

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