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Printed Flyers

What can printed flyers do for your San Antonio business? Flyers allow you the opportunity to create a buzz with a relaxed straight forward approach. Think of printed flyers as the sales tool you need to get your products sold so fast they are flying off the shelves.

Full-Color Printed Flyers

Flyers help you get your message out fast, using vibrant, full color and premium materials for maximum impact while managing your budget. So whether you want to go large and flashy or small but high-impact, you’ve come to the right place.

We offer several types of flyers, including our “Ferrari” custom silk flyers.

Engage prospective audiences with full-color flyers that are well designed by Chile Media’s graphic design team. We are experts in conveying your message in an easy to read format and with eye-catching graphics. 

Depending on what you are promoting and the space you need for your content, flyers can be as small as a 4″x6″ and as large as a 17 “x22” with folding options. Flyers make it easy to approach clients and target audiences because they deliver specific content in an easy to read format. Flyers are also used as newsletters, sales sheets, company reports, and for promotional events.

Flyers will be one of your best marketing tools to use. Create opportunities with Chile Media in your marketing arsenal and call us today to get started.

Sizes Available









Various text and cover stocks available


Custom Die Cut Options Available


Custom Sizes Available


Silk and Suede Lamination Available with Spot UV


Folding options available


Promoting an event

Informing on new services

Promoting your company


Sales Sheets



Why do I need flyers?

Flyers are excellent for advertising things that are happening in relatively small communities where word of mouth just doesn’t cut it. Professionally printed flyers can also be mailed out, distributed door-to-door, or left on car windshields and public bulletin boards. Posting flyers is an economical type of advertising that’s not exclusively reserved for specific companies with marketing budgets. Many people who need these advertisements at their local businesses will use this tactic because it’s the most cost-effective for them, and those who have more free time on their hands can volunteer to help distribute flyers around town!

What are some ways that I can track printed flyers?

There are ways to track printed flyers. Whether it’s directing people to your website, adding a QR code, or attaching an e-mail list sign up form on the back of the flyer, there are many methods that will help you get your message across.

What are flyers used for?

Flyers are a type of direct mail advertising, but typically with fewer messages. They can be used for promoting an organization’s goods and services, or they can send out charitable requests like donations. The most common format is one sheet of paper with designs on both sides that folds into four panels.

Flyers can be used to advertise a sale at a store or as an invitation to an event. Flyer advertising is often found outside grocery stores and on public transportation like buses. Flyers should contain what they want you to do next, such as “Stop by today!” or “Join us today!” It’s also important that the information on flyers be clear and concise, rather than something wordy or confusing.

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