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Graphic Design Work

The creative process is never the same for any one product or client, and neither is the path. All designs are tailored to each client.

Chile Media can produce graphic design work that is not only beautiful, but also will stick in people’s minds for years to come.

This creative design could be just what you need to break through the clutter of products and services out there today. When it comes to presenting your business image on any medium, no other marketing communication tool has as much versatility as good old-fashioned printed materials such as logo development or brochures identifying your company culture, values and core principles. Much like prose writing or starring performance in movies or theatre, graphics must tell stories vividly without relying on words alone which sometimes get lost in translation.

We specialize in the visual representation of ideas. Whether creating newsletters for your office space, or designing an advertisement for a new product, we know what it takes to visually represent your message to the world. Through every step of the design process, you’ll be involved and engaged with decisions so that in the end, you’re completely satisfied with the final product. Creative and innovative graphic design is our bread-and-butter but regardless of what type of work you need done we have enough experience and talent to ink out a full marketing campaign from start to finish.

Chile Media

Creative Process


Catchy Content

The creative process is never the same for any one product or client but the path is. Good design requires catchy content using headings and sub-heading followed by informational text.


Sketch, graphic or illustration

Once defined, the message then goes to creative application but sometimes the graphic or illustration comes before. Whether the ideas fly out of our heads or come from a compositional sketch, our team of creative knows how to think outside the box and know how to apply the introduction of communication inquiry.


Idea into graphic

At Chile Media, we use all methods old and new to come to the inspirational point of execution, taking your idea and making it into a graphic, logo, or brand.


Creative Design vs. Graphic Design

You can find a graphic designer anywhere. It is easy for someone to title themselves as a graphic designer but difficult to earn the title. The reality is that intuitive and creative design overcomes good graphic design. Using the art of graphic design as a vehicle to creative and original design is something all advertising agencies strive to achieve. A unique, eye-catching design is the product of combining emotional and logical cues to drive a response or behavior to those who view the design.

All advertising and visual graphics are the attempt at creative design but attaining it takes a trained eye, ingenuity, and quality content. With hundreds of ads around us daily, having an edge above the competition is a must in order to compete for favor and response to design compositions.


El Chaparral Flyer
Fusion Cuisine Postcard
Figueroa & Jimenez Immigration & Family Law Business Card
Infinity Cakes Rack Business Card
Fidelity Equipment & Sales Business Card

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