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Graphic Design

Chile Spice

Creative Process

The creative process is never the same for any one product or client but the path is. Good design requires catchy content using headings and sub-heading followed by informational text.

Once defined, the message then goes to creative application but sometimes the graphic or illustration comes before. Whether the ideas fly out of our heads or come from a compositional sketch, our team of creative knows how to think outside the box and know how to apply the introduction of communication inquiry.

At Chile Media we use all methods old and new to come to the inspirational point of execution taking your idea and making it into a graphic.

Creative Design vs. Graphic Design

You can find a graphic designer anywhere or at least someone who says they are a graphic designer. Reality is that intuitive and creative design overcomes good graphic design. Using the art of graphic design as vehicle to creative design is something all advertising professionals strive for. Creative design is the product of combining emotional and logical cues to drive a response or behavior to those who view the design.

All advertising and visual graphics are the attempt at creative design but attaining it takes a trained eye, ingenuity and good content. With hundreds of ads around us daily, having an edge is a must in order to compete for favor and response to design compositions.

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