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Inline Foil Business Cards Printing Services

Inline foil printing is a brand new innovative way of printing business cards

We’ve jazzed up our printing game in a cool way by slipping some metallioc foil into th e mix. Think of it as adding a bit of sparkle to your designs, turning what’s usual into something that really pops. Imagine your business card or flyer not just getting a glance but actually shining and catching eyes like it’s got its own little spotlight.
This isn’t your everyday printing; it’s like giving your printed stuff a glow-up, making sure it’s the star of the show. And the best part? You get to pick where this magic shine goes, making sure it’s just perfect. So, when someone sees your stuff, it’s not just seen—it’s remembered, all thanks to that glimmer that mimics real metal. Pretty cool, right?
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We are not talking about your run of the mill foil stamped business cards



Traditional foil stamped business cards limit you to 4-5 colors: Blue, Red, Green, Gold and Silver. Not these business cards.


These are full color business cards.

So, if you want cards that scream, “Do business with me!”, these business cards are your choice.


These already beautiful business cards come printed on silk laminated paper.

How many colors are available for inline foil cards?


Can foil be applied to both the front and back of a business card?

Yes, and it should be a hit with everyone you give it to.

Ready to order some foil business cards?

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