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Custom Logo Design Services


Logo: The most important asset for your business

A custom logo design for your company is an important piece of the whole brand. It needs to be thoughtful, creative and eye-catching in order for people to see it online or at their store.

Designing a logo can be tough because there are so many things that need consideration like color palette, size, composition and much more—but don’t worry we love doing custom logo design services for you.

You’ll work with our team of professional designers who want nothing more than to help bring life to your vision through their craftsmanship. We take on all types projects including small startups just starting out & large global corporations; no project is too big or too small.

We provide stunning custom logo design services and love turning the static logos you envision in your head into a reality that will leave an impact on any potential customers. We’ll take care of every step, from conceptualizing to execution, ensuring your design leaves nothing to be desired.

Along with using our graphic designer for your logo design services we can also offer to put the approved logo on any print collateral you need, create your website and any other assets that you will need for your company.

The results of using our custom logo design services:

  • You’ll end up with a logo that’s uniquely your own and will make your business memorable
  • Your company will have the best professional branding out there
  • Make a lasting impression on potential customers with your new logo
  • Show off your creativity and personality through our process
  • Get the perfect logo for your business without having to worry about it being too expensive or time consuming
  • You’ll get to see your logo before it’s printed on anything
Hybrid Heat & Air Logo
care logo
fusion logo
jbc logo

Custom Logo Design Service Process


1. Info Gathering

We meet with you to gather information about your company.  We will need to know what your business is about, how you want your logo to be perceived, if you have any colors & fonts in mind.

2. We create 6 Samples

We will sketch out some quick ideas based on the information you gave us and some research that we do and create 6 black and white versions for you to choose.

3. Colors

After you choose the logo that best represents your company, we will make any modification to the shape at this time and start applying some potential brand colors for your logo.

4. Finished Logo

We create our logo in a vector program that will let us expand your new logo as much as necessary without loosing quality.  We can now take your logo and apply it to print or web. We can also provide a style guide upon request.

Our Designed Logos Gallery

Style Guide Samples

Style Guide-03

Ready for us to design your company logo?

Contact us or call us today at 210-616-0163 for a custom quote or send us your information and someone from our Chile Media team will contact you.

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