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Magnets Printing Services

Striking colors or background photos create beautiful full-color promotional magnets that are eye-catching and one of a kind. Popular layouts include calendars and business card magnets. Magnets are also printed in die-cut shapes and a variety of sizes. You more than double your marketing efforts because you are positioned in the most visited room in the house—the kitchen.

Small yet powerful enough to impact your consumer outreach. Your company can promote on anything magnetic, such as refrigerators, commercial appliances, outdoor appliances, or metal cabinets. 

Magnets are excellent for use with direct mail or promotional gifts and advertising. They hold high value and are very useful because very few people discard them.

Business card magnets are the most popular because they are an inexpensive promotional piece. They’re more durable than traditional business cards and are useful for displaying grocery lists on your fridge. Business card designs are usually already established, so transferring that design onto a magnet is very simple and easy to process. Office employees can also keep promotional magnets as contact or reference information, displayed on their filing cabinets.



Quality thick stock


Various sizes available


Custom die-cut shapes available


Full brilliant color


High-quality offset printing

Most households and companies have benefited from a business magnet. From tire shops to restaurants, promotional magnets are handy and dependable. Unlike promotional T-shirts or ink pens, magnets have a longer valued life span. From customizing the shape, size, and style, there are multiple customization options that you can design, so your product captures the attention of your audience as well as establish your image.


Fully Customized Message

Car Magnets

Save the Dates and Announcements


Business Cards



What is the smallest size magnet you can produce?

The smallest magnet we have done has been a business card magnet size 3.5×2 inches

Is using a magnet as a business card a good idea?

It is a good idea if you want something that stands out from the crowd? Finding an interesting way to present your business card is always fun because it provides people with a talking point about you and your business–or at least it gets their attention! And in this age of digital communication, any attention goes a long way towards solidifying your brands first impression with someone new ! A few different options exist for making magnets into professional business cards; find the one that best suits your needs.

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