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Petroleum Distribution came to us with an logo already created and we took that and participated in creating variations of the same in order to use for the projects to come.

Not only did we create assets for Petroleum Distribution, but we designed the logo for one of their other brands, Pump & Shop, and made a few tweaks to their Fuel America logo.

The client wanted to see a new color combination for some of their gas station brands like Fuel America. We tried to find exciting colors that are typical of the gas industry and chose mostly primary colors. So we went with a industry precedent to come up with a color scheme.

Large Printing Works

We did everything from website development, videos, commercials, printing, brand management, apparel, flyers, business cards to just name a few. They have even asked us to design and print promotional items that they resell at some of their stores.

Our biggest projects were the signage we designed and printed for them: indoor and outdoor signage, window perf, c-store (convenience store) graphics. We needed to come up with themes on the inside to show what, the interior part of the gas station would look like.