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Puzzle Printing Services


Our Puzzles have high quality lamination. They come fully assembled on a board and have an additional sheet of the printed image. Each puzzle is individually wrapped.

Why use Puzzles?

Transform any image into an interactive jigsaw puzzle. Puzzles make the perfect gift for both business and family. They can be used as promotional gifts or as marketing tools to deliver any message while leveraging the engagement of the recipient. Puzzles are printed on durable stock and arrive pre-assembled in a clear plastic bag with a card stock backing, accompanied by a separate print of the same image.


Here are some creative ways to make PUZZLES the next must have item for your clients!

Use as a promotional piece to showcase your clients’ services, products, special offers or discounts
Souvenirs for travel agencies, hotels, and cruise lines
Great for sports marketing for schools and leagues
A great follow up to sales meetings or trade shows
An original invitation or “Thank You” cards for parties and weddings
Charity organizations to keep in touch with their donors and volunteers
Entertainment for children in restaurants or Doctors’ offices
What is the biggest size puzzle you can do?

Give us a call and give us the dimensions you are looking for. We will need to order the puzzle itself from a third party bender but normally from 8.5×11 inches and below is doable.

What kind of picture do I need to provide for the puzzle?

The higher resolution the better….we prefer 300 dpi to get a much clearer picture.

Are the puzzle pieces thick?

They are thick enough to not bend.

Ready to order some Puzzles?

Contact us or call us today at 210-616-0163 for a custom quote or send us your information and someone from our Chile Media team will contact you.

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