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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is now more important than the design of your page. The right SEO keywords are what will get you a higher ranking on Google and bring in revenue for your business. Gone are the days where you could just put a few keywords onto your site, and you would be good to go.  Now there are 3 phases that you need to accomplish:

On-Site SEO

  • First we install and configure a WordPress plugin that will be used to add an SEO title and meta description to each page/post.  These are what is seen on a search engine in search results
  • For each page/post we perform a keyword search and add it to each page/post
  • Throughout the content, we will make sure that the page/post has the keyword repeated as appropriate in order for Google to start to understand what the page is about
  • Links are also important to add.  Outbound links will take the user to another authoritative site and inbound link will hyperlink back to a page/post on your site
  • Image optimization – after you provide us with a picture or we purchase one for you, we will need to rename the file and add alt tags so a search engine can “see” what your picture is all about.  We will also make sure that the images are within an acceptable size to be loaded faster on the site
  • Making sure that all your body text on each of your pages has at least 300 words for main pages and at least 1000 words for post pages

Local SEO

We can provide a service that will make sure that your business name, address, and other information is the same throughout different local websites (i.e. yellow pages, etc.)

Offsite SEO

This is the behemoth of SEO. Offsite SEO is what is going to take a while to accomplish. We will help you understand about blogs, integrating social media with your site, being involved in social media, press releases, participating in trade related blogs, etc.

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