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Silk Business Cards Printing Services

Our Cadillac card

Are you worried about your paper business cards tearing, bending, and being easily smudged by sweaty fingertips? Silk business cards are the answer to all these needs!

Made from a synthetic silk substrate that is tear-proof, water-resistant, and highly durable- it will make an impression on anyone who touches it.

These cards are tear and water resistant, and 200% stronger than conventional paper business cards!

Thanks to the elegant silky smooth matte finish, these cards present a much impressive image for your business.


Our Silk business cards are:

Silk Laminated on both sides

Tear and Water resistant

Full Color both sides

What is the difference between silk and glossy business cards?

Standard business cards are high-quality, durable pieces of paper that can easily be printed in a variety of finishes, ranging from glossy to matte finish. They are made with a thin layer of extreme pressure sensitive film laminated on both sides and then rolled up to resemble the luster and feel of silk.

Silk is a substance unlike any other – it’s distinguished by its smoothness and sheen. When you hold a silk business card, it evokes an image that starts with luxury and greatness.

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