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Tradeshow Displays Printing Services

Chile Media can help you design and produce your next San Antonio tradeshow displays.

Need an event tent, display booth, table throw, retractable banners, promotional banners or other tradeshow displays?

Creativity and innovation are a must to impress your guests and potential clients at tradeshows.

A trade show is a great way to promote your business, but something that often gets overlooked are the displays. Don’t let anyone walk away from your booth without feeling like you’re worth their time.

The best way to attract a tradeshow guest, is to do this is with custom-designed trade show displays for the event space of your choice. Chile Media offers a wide variety of customization services, from answering questions about the size, style, to graphics needed in order to fit the requirements exactly how you need it for your trade show experience.

Event Tents

What would happen if your product were being showcased to the public? There is so much noise at a tradeshow, including your competitors setting up their booths. Your event tent can be a focal point for attendees by providing an experience that they will remember vividly and will also help you push your product further into the mind of prospects on site with clever branding. Come see how Chile Media has been designing tradeshow tents for 15+ years.

Now that summer is in full swing, and you’re attending a tradeshow with outdoor festivities, it’s time to get event tent ideas rolling for this year. If you are going to be hosting an outdoor event as either the presenter or attendee, we have got some event tent designs just for you! We construct all of our tents by using high density mesh coverings and 100% aluminum frames which gives them their sturdiness while still being able to withstand different types of weather conditions – no matter if its hot or cold outside – without any damage done.


Table Throws


Table throws are the perfect accent to really experience your table at a show. With Chile media, you will have beautiful table throws that match perfectly with how you want people to see and remember your business.

Our professional designers can work with you from each step of designing it so the product matches what’s in your mind or on paper.



Backdrops are great for everyone involved in an event. Professional logos can be put on a backdrop so that all of the participants know who is working with them on this venture.

The bright colors and designs make backdrops colorful and fun to see so you family reunion friends will love it when they take their group picture underneath the backdrop!

Backdrops make taking photos and videos totally amazing with scenery that is totally your own imagination coming to life. Pictures can be a postcard-perfect snapshot of a sumptuous tropical beach retreat, or you can recreate a wilderness park at your event.


Retractable Banners

Are you looking for an alternative to a canvas or just need something lightweight? Look no further than our retractable banners.

These easy-to-transport, ultra-portable signs come in multiple sizes and are made from tear proof material so that there is no more worrying about threading the pole through.

This is a great way to stand out with signage at an outdoor event or your own permanent display booth while still being able to save on storage space!

What are some common tradeshow displays that Chile Media provides?

For trade shows we recommend: table cloths, business cards, a retractable banner, a vinyl banner and a few promotional products.

What is the biggest tradeshow display Chile Media has ever printed?

10×20 feet pop-up display for Fashion Week.

How Can I Order Tradeshow Displays?

Call us today at 210-616-0163 for a custom quote or send us your information and someone from our Chile Media team will contact you.

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