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Vehicle Wraps Printing Services

Moving advertising…Will get you noticed.

Having a 3M vehicle wrap means that your car wrap is long-lasting while having the strength to sustain your graphic imaging.

Bring your business to life on the road! When it comes to vehicle wraps, count on quality. We only use wrap-grade premium vinyl, like 3M-and Arlon. Using quality materials means that your car wrap will last long and resist the Texas heat. Chile Media can create a custom design or install your design on partial, half, and full vehicle wraps. We have been designing, printing and installing car wraps for 15+ years. We combine technical proficiency with designs that catch the eye and sell!

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to advertise your business and get your company name out, contact Chile Media.

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Types of Vehicle Variations – Same Branding (The Problem Solvers)


Chile Media is not the cheapest nor are we the most expensive, but offers the best value in town with agency level design and superior quality materials and installation.


How much does a
vehicle wrap cost?
Cost of color change
vehicle wraps
Quality Vinyl
versus cheap vinyl
Design over
Low Price for Vehicle Wraps

Good question, the answer varies.

Whether it is a car wrap or a truck wrap, the average cost per square foot can range from $10 to $15 per square foot.

This includes in most cases, file setup, print, laminate and install.

The easiest way to get an accurate cost is to estimate the surface area of the vehicle that you want to wrap and then multiply it by the cost per square foot.

Vehicle wrap cost can vary based on several factors including:

  •  the type of vehicle
  • The quality and creativity of of the design
  •  the complexity of the design
  •  the skill level of the installation
  • the quality of materials used
  • the expertise of the installer

When it comes to color changes, the cost of printing is less but sometimes costs more  in terms of installation and cost of vinyl.

On average they tend to be the same cost as a full color printed wrap. In color changes, there are no seams to every piece or partition of the vehicle, and more vinyl is wasted versus vinyl being used.

Whereas smaller vehicles such as compact or even motorcycles are going to score pretty good at the lower end of the scale, and the larger the vehicle is—in the line of vans, trucks, and trailers—it will be at the higher end. In addition, wraps with high details or special finishes will incur an extra charge.

Compare estimates from a few reputable wrap providers in San Antonio to make the above price more real for your needs. Be sure to ask the quality of materials used, the manner of installation, or fixing. Ask if any kind of additional service is included in the quote to make your investment worth it.


High-quality vinyl materials like 3M or Arlon SLX offer several advantages over cheaper substitutes. High-quality vinyl materials, out of which these cover wraps have been made, have exceptional weather resistance to the effects of the elements, ultraviolet light, and temperature extremes, thus retaining sharp graphics and vibrant colors of the wrap for a very long time.

The adhesive strength also is superior, generally ensuring that it is applied properly and stays applied.

Cheaper alternatives, too, can quite appear to be cost-effective at first sight, though generally fail to possess the strengths and service qualities compared to the premium versions. They may fade faster, peel, or bubble as time goes along—usually with frequent replacement, which can often cost more in the long run with repair or rewrap expense.

In the consideration of a vehicle wrap, quality should overshadow the cost of the wrap. A good quality wrap says volumes about good work done, ensuring not only a professional look but protection for the paint of the vehicle to hold resale value.


Furthermore, a properly designed wrap has very important significance. The design of the wrap, if creative, catches not only people’s attention but also communicates the brand message or advertising content. From a marketing and sales point of view, the wrap can have a major impact on consumer perception and his buying decision because of its visual appeal.

A poorly done design, mediocre at best, on a cheap wrap may just not convey the intended message or might even look unprofessional by the clients. Contrary to this, a professional design, complemented by catchy graphics and compelling content, is sure to spike interest and engagement with the latter leading to conversions and sales.

In the calculation of how much a vehicle wrap will cost, one should realize that there is added value to the material and installation prices. Such an investment should be backed by a high-quality wrap and design creativity that is impactful to all the concerned people for manifold brand visibility and consumer attention to sale conversion.

Want to talk to someone about your wrap project cost?

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 Half Vehicle Wrap

Half vehicle wraps give the impression of a full vehicle wrap without the full vehicle wrap budget. Chile Media’s graphic design team will creatively design a partial wrap that will still have as much impact as a full vehicle wrap. We take advantage of the type of vehicle you have, and it’s design and tailor a design to your particular vehicle so that it showcases the information you want the most. We use the same high-quality vinyl and still invest the same amount of attention to detail on all of our wraps. A half wrap is an excellent investment for any business looking for the best ROI on their advertising dollars.  

Partial Vehicle Wrap

A partial wrap is the best solution for someone looking to wrap less than 40% of their vehicle. You can still utilize a good portion of your vehicle, such as the hood, tailgate, or vehicle sides, as long as you have an expert fluid design that can still get your message out. That is why Chile Media’s graphic design team is perfect for this type of wrap. We know that budget means everything, and we want to get you the most out of each marketing dollar you spend. Leave it to our graphic design team to work up a custom created design for your partial wrap that will still advertise your business. 




Use on cars, trucks, food trucks, and trailers


High-quality vinyl

Vibrant colors



Custom designs


Excellent ROI

Our Process

Zeus Plumbing

Step 1 - Design

Our creative graphic designers will create a mock-up based on the type of vehicle.


Step 2 - Revisions

You will review and request revisions if any.  After all revisions are complete, and you are satisfied with the design, you will approve for print.


Step 3 - Print Production

After proof approval, the vehicle wrap will move to print production and a quality check will be performed.


Step 4 - Setup Appointment for Installation

Once quality control approves, one of our team members will set up a date and time for our professional installers to install your wrap.


Step 5 - Preparing the vehicle

The vehicle will need to be washed before dropping off at Chile Media for installation.


Step 6 - Installation

The installation will begin and will be reviewed again by quality control from the installer.


Step 7 - Your Vehicle is Ready

Voila! Pick up your vehicle, then get moving and get noticed.

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Should I add a lot of text to my vehicle wrap?

We recommend that you only provide enough text for drivers to see who you are and a phone number. They generally do not have the time to see much else.

How long do the wrapping on vehicles last?

Vehicle wraps typically last 3-5 years with exposed surfaces properly cared for.

What information do you need from me to get my vehicle wrapped?

We will need:

  1. Your vehicle information, including year, make and model
  2. How many sides do you want wrapped?
  3. What color would you like the exterior of the vehicle to be?
  4. What information will you need to showcase?

Interested in getting your vehicle wrapped?

Contact us or call us today at 210-616-0163 for a custom quote or send us your information and someone from our Chile Media team will contact you.

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