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Vinyl Wall Decals Printing Services

Are you looking for a way to brand your merchandise or storefront? Do you need an effective but economical way to get your brand out?

Use vinyl wall decals because they stick to any smooth surface and are easily applied on various substrates.

Vinyl decals can be contour cut into custom shapes and sizes so that you are not obligated to a square or rectangle. We print our vinyl decals on high-quality vinyl and laminate them so they can be used outdoors but can be applied indoors as well.

Vinyl wall decals work well on bottles, boxes, windows, walls, hard hats, motorcycles, and vehicles.

Chile Media is your vinyl decal/sticker printing source. Our large format printer can print your vinyl stickers or decals in small or large quantities. Look no further for a vinyl decal printer in San Antonio.


Full-color vinyl decal


Contour cut decals available


Static cling, etched glass, and transparent vinyl decals


Outdoor and Indoor use 


Large and small quantities offered


Vinyl stickers available in any size

Types of vinyl wall decals 

For your vinyl decal project, there are many options to choose from; below are the more popular types of decals available. Don’t see what you’re looking for? We can get what you need. Contact us for a custom vinyl sticker quote.

  • White vinyl 
  • Clear vinyl 
  • Gloss vinyl  
  • Matte vinyl paper 
  • Uncoated vinyl 
  • Kraft label paper 
  • Dull gold or silver paper 



License numbers


Hard hat decals


Window Decals


Door Decals


Wall Decals


Vehicle Decals

Contour Cut Vinyl Wall Decals

Also known as contour cut stickers, there is no shape or size that we cannot accomplish using our state-of-the-art machinery to perform precise cuts and shapes. Contour cut decals are an excellent option for vehicle graphics, wall graphics, custom labels, or label printing, along with many other applications.  

Contour cut decals are fun because they break the mold of a typically shaped sticker and command more attention. You can print vinyl stickers up to 54 inches in width and as a single piece. For wall murals, we typically divide the artwork into several panels and cut and prep for install. 

All-Purpose Vinyl Wall Decals

For projects which require one color decals or vinyl lettering, our selection of custom colors is ideal. Custom vinyl decals are created using our contour cut function to create custom letters and shapes. We weed out or knock out the negative space and transfer it on to application tape, making it ready to install. 

Does Chile Media install vinyl decals?

Sure do! Whether it is on a storefront window or a vehicle graphic, Chile Media’s installation team makes sure your vinyl decals are correctly installed and, more importantly, that they are aligned correctly and straight. 

Our vinyl sticker installers are 3M, and Avery certified, which means your vinyl stickers will be installed correctly and with excellence and training provided by the top manufacturers in vinyl stickers. 

What is the difference between vinyl stickers and regular stickers?

Regular stickers have a very light adhesive that’s usually only “sticky” on one side of the sticker. This means it’ll attach to most surfaces, but won’t stick as well as a vinyl sticker when applied outside in the sun. Vinyl stickers are strong and have double-sided adhesive which makes them perfect for outdoor use because they’re more durable and longer lasting. They also come in several colors and designs, so you can match your own mood!

Are stickers and decals the same thing?

Stickers and decals are technically two different things. There are the terms “decal” and “sticker.” Sticker is actually a broader term in this scenario. Decals are defined as a thin sheet of material, often clear vinyl or polyester, that adheres to another surface but can be peeled away without damaging the surface underneath. Decals are usually less than 1 mm thick and were originally used for labeling or displaying writing on what is under them. A sticker, on the other hand, is a more traditional name for something stuck to an object’s surfaces that can’t be peeled off with ease – it could also refer to any temporary image object that will leave residue when removed (think bumper stickers).

Ready to order some vinyl wall decals?

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