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Vinyl Wall Graphics Printing Services

Make a powerful visual statement with uniquely designed custom vinyl wall murals for your office, restaurant, or storefront. Today, with the use of our large format printer, we can print full wall graphics or partial graphics to help create a unique look for your scenic visual space or promote your business.


Chile Media can easily convert any wall using vinyl graphics into a well-advertised and branded space. We create custom designs to fit your unique style and type of business. Take advantage of the opportunity you have of your walls with wall graphics to engage your customers with your brand and make a big impression. Inspire employees and customers with your company mission statement, favorite quote, or company graphics.

Get creative with wall graphics printed on high quality, fade-resistant, and durable products from your San Antonio printer Chile Media. All of our vinyl graphics we print are laminated, which offers a protective layer that will allow you to clean with ease without compromising the print’s integrity.

Accentuate your graphics with contour cut graphics on a substrate or use contrasting media such as a glossy overlay on a matte background. There are other fresh ways to produce eye-catchy wall graphics.

Our service doesn’t end with the print; we have the eye to accessorize your wall to add depth of field and dimensionality to bring your space to life.

  • Full Color
  • Smooth and Textured Vinyl
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Create advertising space using your walls
  • Long term and short term wall vinyl
  • Customized to fit any size of wall
  • Floor to ceiling wall graphics
  • Full, partial, or die-cut vinyl wall graphics

Our Inhouse Printer

Our Roland TrueVIS SG2 Series printer and cutter is a no brainer when it comes to quality and vivid color. Using an eight-color and four print head machine makes the difference between an outdated color production model. Our mural and wall graphics are produced in house and inspected thoroughly to guarantee you receive a superior product.

Graphic Designed Vinyl Wall Graphics

When choosing a company to do your interior graphics, whether at home or work, choose someone who understands design as well as print. You can get your vinyl graphics or mural printed anywhere, but not every print company can offer the creative insight you need.

Chile Media has expert graphic designers who will help set up a fluid layout of your walls’ graphics. Sometimes customers come to us with ideas they can’t put together, and that is when we step in and translate those ideas into creative and original vinyl  graphics. Let us help you get started on your wall graphic designs.

Use vinyl graphics on walls in:














Break Rooms





Nursery Rooms



Outdoor Vinyl Wall Graphics

We can wrap your exterior too! 3M has weather-resistant outdoor vinyl explicitly built for outdoor usage. There are several types of outdoor wall graphic media that can be used to contour to stucco or brick.
For more details on outdoor graphics, contact us, and we can do a site visit to determine which media is best suited for your outdoor project.

What about vinyl wall graphic installation?

You can do it yourself, but for a smooth, wrinkle-free graphics installation, go with our pros. Certified in Avery and 3M, our installation crew knows how to handle vinyl to assure that your graphics are correctly installed.

What are the differences between wall graphics and vinyl sticker decals?

Wall graphics are applied to the exposed surface and can be peeled off more easily. Sticker decals obey the laws of adhesion like any other sticker and can’t be removed without causing some adhesive residue. Wall graphics are installed by professionals who will cover all the surrounding areas that aren’t being covered with an overlay material, then remove all adhesive backing before tightly installing over the wall graphic subsequent overlays for a neat finish.

Will Chile Media install my wall graphics at my location?

We partnered with a company that does wall graphic installations, and we will coordinate a date and time with you and them.

How long will the wall stickers last?

Their lifespan typically ranges from: 1-2 years on average, but it could vary depending on usage or the quality of the material they were made from. For example, vinyl sticker sheets will last 2+ years if taken care of properly, while canvas prints and vinyl decals may only be good for 1 year or less depending on storage conditions and usage rates.

Do you have a wall graphic order or question?

Contact us or call us today at 210-616-0163 for a custom quote or send us your information and someone from our Chile Media team will contact you.

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