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WordPress and Web Design Services

Responsive and cleanly designed pages to suit your business needs.

Chile Media can create a WordPress website

that will help you get the word out about what you do.

Web Design Process

WordPress has become a powerhouse in the web design business. There are now many businesses that are using this powerful tool.  At last count, there are currently over 75,000,000 sites in the world, and this number is growing.

The growing popularity of WordPress has been because of all of the functionality plus the different looks that it offers a website. 

There are tools to backup your site, added security features, slideshow options, and so many more.

At Chile Media, we are taking this impressive tool and bringing you the vast capabilities it provides.

Not only will we provide a great looking site (to the envy of your competitors), but we will make sure it is done right and is easily searchable.

Here are some things that you can expect from your new website:

  • You will be able to interact with your visitors via forms
  • Show your visitors that you’ve got what they need
  • Attract people to ask for more information
  • Update your content regularly so people will come back to view your site
  • Turn your visitors into buyers

Chile Media has a great web team that will take you from the very first step, all the way to taking your website live. 

Let Chile Media take you on a great journey and help you attract more clients for you or your business.

How We Create Websites

Mind Map


Every company is different and every website has different requirements.  We will work with you to come up with the best strategies that are best for your industry.


Brand Identity

On the initial meetings, we will learn about who your company is and what your branding entails.  This in turn will allow us to modify the website to make it look specifically for you.


Responsive Web Design

The majority of people now use their cellphones or tablets to lookup websites. This is where having a responsive web design comes in handy. Rather than force viewers to enlarge a page or to use the left/right scroll bar, we can make sure that your website is easily viewed on either a cellphone, tablet, or desktop.



“Content is King” – that is a quote you will see used frequently when you talk about web design. The more text you have on your website, the longer a viewer stays on your site.  Consequently, this will help you with ranking and have a better opportunity to rank for target keywords.


Optimized For Speed

Having a site that people can navigate quickly is an important ranking factor with Google. Users now want websites to download quickly. Generally, it is ideal to have your website load within 3 seconds. There are several factors that can prevent this from happening. At Chile Media, we do everything possible to get you a speedy website.


SEO Friendly

It is great to have a good looking site, however, if you can’t be found on a search engine, then not many people will be able to see that great looking site. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is the next step in the process. Chile Media can help you generate more leads by focusing on adding information to the back-end of your site, to help a search engine know what the site is about.


The Process

Some people might find the process of doing webpages daunting, and it can be, but Chile Media can help you through it. We will gather the information you gave us and start creating your website.

In order to get this site up and running within a reasonable amount of time, we ask that you provide us with all of the content (text and graphics) before we set up your site.

After you are satisfied with the look and the content, we will check for speed, and add some basic SEO (if you choose one of our SEO plans).  

So, after the site is done we will not leave you stranded. Things are constantly changing and evolving. We can offer you low-cost maintenance packages where you can call us if you need any changes made. We will also make sure that your site is updated monthly.

Step 1

Call us for an appointment.

Step 2

Fill out the website onboarding worksheet on this page.

Step 3

Provide us with content and pictures.

Step 4

Go through the completed site and let us know if there are any changes.

Step 5

Quality control and approval.

Website Onboarding Worksheet

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in Chile Media creating your website for you. The more information you can give us, the faster we can get your website created.

Not convinced yet?

See our work

Our Work
Do you create the content?

We do have content writers on hand that can provide generic content. However, the most effective content will come from you since you know your business better.

What do I need to supply to you?

We need accesses, a Gmail account that we can use to set up accounts, pictures, and content at a minimum.

How long does a typical website take to create?

We can create a beautiful site with a couple of pages within a few days, however, the biggest hurdle to finishing a website is not having content from the client or feedback. Adding the content can take several weeks depending on how many pages there are. If everything is provided, you will be put in a queue to get your site completed. We generally like to ask the clients to give us 3 months to complete the process.

Are you ready to get started with a website?

Please fill out the form below in order to facilitate the process.

Website Onboarding Form

In order for Chile Media to provide the best possible website services, please fill out the worksheet below or contact us if you have any questions:


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