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WordPress has become a powerhouse in the web design business. There are now many businesses that are using this powerful tool.  At last count, there are now over 75,000,000 sites in the world and this number is growing. 

The growing popularity of this tool has been because of all of the functionally and the different looks that it can provide a site.  There are tools to backup your site, add security features to it, create slideshows, and so many more features. 

At Chile Media we are taking this impressive tool and bringing you the vast capabilities it provides. Not only will we provide a great looking site (to the envy of your competitors), but we will make sure they are done right and findable. 

Chile Media has a great web team that will take you from the very first step all the way to going live.  Let us take you on a great journey and help you get more clients for you or your business.

The Process:

Some people might find the process of doing webpages daunting; and it can be if you are not prepared. We will provide you with a worksheet that will help you think of what you want your site to convey. Then we take this worksheet and convert it to a website.

In order to get this site up and running within a reasonable amount of time, we ask that you provide us with all of the content (text and graphics) before we set up your site.

After you are satisfied with the look and the content, we will check for speed, and add some basic SEO. 

So, after the site is done we will not leave you stranded.  Things are constantly changing and evolving.  We can offer your low cost maintenance packages where you can call us if you need any changes made.  We will also make sure that your site is updated monthly.

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In order for Chile Media to provide the best possible website services, please fill out the worksheet below or contact us if you have any questions:


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