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Window Graphics / Perforated Window Vinyl Printing Services

Why not use some of your marketing dollars towards advertising on your windows?

Perforated window vinyl or window perf is an excellent way to advertise on windows because you can still see out, but viewers cannot see in.

Take advantage of your windows and engage potential customers with eye-catching and well-designed graphics on window vinyl. You pay for every square inch of your facility or office, so take advantage of every square inch and use it as advertising space.

Window perforation vinyl works great on your vehicle windows, your office windows, or glass doors too.

Window perf is also helpful in blocking the sunlight and heat without blocking all the natural light. Another way to brand or customize your windows is by using transparent vinyl or frosted vinyl with printed graphics. We can print window graphics in custom shapes and sizes. 

Window perf typically comes in either a 50/50 or a 70/30. What does that mean? The 50/50 means that per square foot, there is 50 percent of coverage, and the other 50 percent is negative space; in other words, it is the perforation that allows light in and visibility. 

Respectively, a 70/30 window perf has more vinyl coverage, with the remaining 30 percent being the perforations. In this case, the 70/30 shows more graphics and less light. Both options allow you to see out, but the graphics on a 70/30 will be more prominent

Window graphics and window perf features:

Block out sun and heat


Adds privacy

Full Color


Available in custom shapes and sizes


Indoor and outdoor use


Advertise on your windows

Window Graphics

There is a reason why people like to window-shop. If the design is laid out right, window graphics convert passers-by into customers. We print full-color die-cut shapes and letters to help you appeal to potential customers. People love beautiful creative displays with bright colors. Use window perf to grab attention and cause a scene.

Stand out and let Chile Media help you design and print the right window graphics for your business type. 

Chile Media offers different types of window vinyl, including:


Window Cling


Window Perforated Vinyl


Frosted or Etched Window Vinyl


Transparent Window Vinyl

Can someone on the outside of my shop see inside with a perforated window vinyl sticker?

That is the great advantage of perforated window vinyl, people can’t see in but you can see out.

Can a window graphic be printed so it can be assembled on the inside of the shop?

We have a special type of paper that we print on one side and the other side is sticky, so it is especially made to go on the inside but visible to the outside.

Are you ready to cause a scene with our graphic design team?

Call Chile Media today to get started on designing a well thought, attractive window scape for your customers. Demand attention with window vinyl!

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